About Us

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Our Spark

We are environment designers, fabricators, and logistical partners, bringing the physical aspects of brands to life. We specialize in event marketing, retail activations, trade shows and corporate events across North America. We focus on rooted and invested partnerships and we have a lot of fun along the way.

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Our Roots

Our collective decades of experience, from all corners of the industry, gives us the tools needed to bring a vision to life. Sequoia is an embodiment of the belief that we’ll always do what it takes to get it done, and get it done right. 

What We Care About

Being Genuine

At the end of the day, we rest well knowing that no corners were cut. We know that our clients expect thoroughness, thoughtfulness and intention when bringing ideas to life.

Communication + Accountability

We are accountable to our clients from the first meeting to the final moments of a project. Touch points and milestones are mapped out and followed – and when setbacks happen we communicate and find a way. We stand behind our work.

Teamwork + Diversity

We are a tight knit team. This has been critical to our success. It takes a team rooted in a common vision and with a genuine appreciation for each other to create amazing work.

Our Team

Built For You

Our team, like our displays, has been built with care. We always consider our current and future clients when we branch out and grow our crew. Success isn’t individual, it takes a team rooted in a common vision, and we’ve fostered that within our group.

Rory Amelio headshot

Rory Amelio

Partner / Client Partnerships

Josh Green headshot

Josh Green

Partner / Head of Production

Alister Robertson headshot

Alister Robertson

Partner / Solutioning and Design

Gregg McNally headshot

Gregg McNally

Partner / Operations

Cory McKeever headshot

Cory McKeever

Head Fabricator

Simone Hill headshot

Simone Hill

Senior Project Manager

Audrey Leblanc headshot

Audrey Leblanc

Logistics and Labor Supervisor

Claudia McKeever headshot

Claudia McKeever

Executive Assistant and Payables

Kevin Horn headshot

Kevin Horn

Shop Fabricator

Fred Leblanc headshot

Fred Leblanc

Shop Fabricator

Philip Leblanc headshot

Philip Leblanc

Warehouse Coordinator