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Experiential Marketing

In XM, the environment is more than a backdrop—it’s a vital participant in the story. At SQ, we design and build environments that interact, engage, and leave a lasting impact. 

Whether it’s for a product launch, interactive exhibit, or brand activation, our immersive spaces blend innovative design with interactive elements, transforming a location into a canvas that inspires action, builds deep connections between brands and audiences, and drives return on marketing investment. 

What We Offer

Engaging XM environments, turning locations into interactive canvases to inspire action and deepen brand-audience connections.

  • Concept Development
  • Design + Layout
  • Vehicle Sourcing + Financing
  • Pop-Up and Mall Tour Management
  • Technology Integration
  • Rental Mobile Vehicle Solutions
  • Project Management
  • Warehousing and Logistics

The Process

Claudia giving a presentation about a trade show booth in an office

Ideation + Design

We find great satisfaction in finding solutions that bring brands to life. Our process involves careful thought and collective collaboration, with both our team and our partners. This is the first step in bringing your ideas to life.

Wall of hammers, nails and other fabrication equipment


A great idea, unless acted upon, will remain only a great idea. We love turning ideas into reality and we love being on the tools. We cut, shape, glue, weld and wrap. With dedicated fabrication facilities we take the concept from the page and create what is tangible.

Man holding up metal door frame while setting up trade show booth

Install + Dismantle

The idea has been realized and now it’s time to mobilize. At Sequoia, we are experts at executing the perfect installation, with care and attention to detail…and yes, the devil IS in the details.

Warehouse boxes storing booth materials

Warehousing + Logistics

The less-than glorious aspect of branded asset marketing is this: assets need to be moved, stored and cared for. With trucking, warehousing and inventory personnel, Sequoia has you covered.

Project Management

The idea has been realized and now it’s time to mobilize. At Sequoia, we are experts at executing the perfect installation, with care and attention to detail…and yes, the devil IS in the details.

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More Services

Trade Shows

At SQ, we elevate trade shows beyond aesthetics with a focus on results-driven design. Leveraging deep insights and a thorough understanding of client goals, our turnkey solutions and industry-leading support team deliver captivating spaces that sell, seamlessly catering to both single shows and multi-stop runs.

Branded Environments

Branded Environments merge the digital and physical worlds, showcasing unique brand traits through design and architecture, for impactful, in-brand experiences across retail, showrooms, and events.

Project Management

SQ project management services ensure seamless execution and alignment with client goals. We emphasize transparency and precision, transforming visions into tangible results. With SQ, projects are pain-free, on time, and on budget, from planning to delivery.


SQ Rental Services streamline event execution with a broad inventory of build, decor, furniture, and A/V assets. Whether pre-packaged or custom-designed, our project management approach ensures a seamless experience, for a hassle-free, punctual, time-sensitive, and budget-friendly solution from concept to execution.

Mobile Tours

SQ turns an event footprint into an immersive, movable brand story. Our mobile tours engage deeply, not just seen but experienced. Through integrative design and expert fabrication, the brand journey becomes dynamic, eye-catching, unforgettable.. and easily transported.