Ingenious Solutions

Our talents are diverse – we are designers, fabricators and installers. Our technical training, combined with a passion for forward thinking and quality workmanship, has led us all to find our calling with Sequoia. We take pride in finding a solution that doesn’t just solve a problem, but cleverly creates an end product that shows off your brand in a dynamic way.

Retail, Trade Show and Event Builds

We combine meaningful design aesthetics with smart execution. Our work is a carefully thought out and clever manifestation of our clients’ visions. We get to know the nuances of your business – your people, your product and what sets you apart.

How We Can Help


  • Design and Layout 
  • Event and Site Management 
  • In house Rentals 
  • Graphic Planning and Production 
  • Mobile Vehicle Solutions 
  • Warehousing and Logistics 
  • I&D Services 


  • Creative Design and Layouts 
  • Millwork and Metal Custom Fabrication
  • Lighting Solutions 
  • Prototyping and Material Boards
  • Rental Mobile Vehicle Solutions 
  • Rental Equipment 
  • Site Management 
  • Branded Environments 
  • Office Branding 
  • Pop up and Mall Tour Management 


  • Client Facing Project Management 
  • Show Service Management
  • Design and Layout 
  • I&D Services 
  • Warehousing and Logistics 
  • North American Focus 

The Process

  1. Ideation + Design
  2. Fabrication
  3. Install + Dismantle
  4. Warehousing + Logistics

Ideation + Design

Building a Vision

You have a vision that represents who you are as a brand, and it’s up to us to turn that into a tangible environment and experience. It’s these ideas that drive our passion and creativity. Throughout the ideation phase, we will harness your ideas into something that is tangible, emblematic of your brand, and fitting for your vision.

Your Brand, Personally Crafted

Your brand is important. Handing that trust over is not easy, and we understand that. That’s why, throughout the design phase, we carefully and precisely consider every detail of your project, and incorporate everything that we previously discussed in the ideation phase.


Logical Magic

What might seem impossible is often a fun challenge to our team. It’s the unique challenges of each project that produce our highest quality and most genuine work. Our solutions team are proud of what they do. Their work is their passion, and seeing the build team bring their work to life gives purpose to the diligent work that they do.

Constructing Concepts

A plan is just a plan until it’s built. Our West Coast based build team is the glue that holds the operation together – both literally and figuratively. With blueprints as our guide, our crew meticulously sets out to produce the best possible representation of your brand. Our team is nimble and adaptable, which is critical to the process. Collaboration and cohesiveness are necessary in this industry – they allow for a straight path to a common goal.

Install + Dismantle

The Test Fit: Getting it Right

The test fit is a critical step in our creative process. This is the moment that the ideas become reality. While we trust the work that we’ve done, seeing the environment fully constructed allows our team to address any last minute changes.

The Finishing Touches

The final product isn’t just a point of pride for our clients – it’s the culmination of a long passion project for our team as well. We carefully assemble our finished display so that your brand is represented to the fullest potential that was set out in the concept stage. Does everything fit together and go where it’s supposed to? Is the technology functioning properly? How will we properly dismantle the assets in order to safely move it to its next destination? These are all questions that we ask – and answer – through the thoughtful work of our crew.

Warehousing + Logistics

Practically Creative

On pallets, in crates, on a truck; it’s all done through our logistics. Just like our designers and builders employ creativity and adaptability, so does our logistics team. We understand how our display needs to be packed and moved from location to location. We know that customs can present a challenge, and how to appropriately navigate that. We also know that challenges can be unpredictable, and it’s our experience that allows us to anticipate these challenges before they happen.

Protecting Your Product

Our projects are big and storage is not easy. Careful and conscientious packing as well as working with trusted storage partners with local facilities are two key steps that we take to protect our finished products.