Telus Semi Permanent Mall Footprint

The Ask

Telus had a very successful mall tour program throughout BC and Alberta when they approached us to design a new semi permanent footprint to live in a prominent Vancouver mall. The design had to keep customer flow as the priority, allowing natural movement within the space between the various Telus services on offer, and providing clear lines of sight from outside through. Branding had to be visible 360 degrees to mall patrons and be a space that invites people to come and explore.

The Solution

As the emphasis of the footprint is for promotion of a range of services that are provided to a person’s home, we moved forward with a design that leaned into the house feel, with three large house shaped arches enveloping the space. Intriguing and exciting, the houses can be seen from all aspects, including levels above. The arches help represent the home, but also allow for a lightness and spaciousness when inside. Clean crisp whites and light wood tone laminates are inviting for customers and keeps the experience feeling light and friendly.