Kuzco Trade Show Booth

The Ask

Coming off the back of a best booth award at Lightfair 2018 for their 20×30, Kuzco again approached us to design and build a 30×50 booth for them. This one needed to feel like a full private experience for the consumer, one which had obvious flow from entry to exit, and that once in, patrons would feel like they were in a totally new space not connected to the rest of the show. We needed to provide the blank canvas for their lights to be displayed and not over power the product, but also not become just another flat white wall with lights. A fine balance needed to be struck.

The Solution

Clean modern lines and angles juxtaposed by urban and industrial materials provided the template for a minimalist series of artistic light fixture arrays. Faux concrete panels were sourced for the large monolithic walls, with the center reaching 16’ and providing prime branding opportunity. Custom CNC aluminum sheets became outer walls to provide a boundary, however with a gradient of holes in each sheet, and intriguing lighting effect was created from the outside patron, inviting them in to explore. The difficulty of making large white walls interesting was overcome by a grid of shadow lines that mimicked the concrete panels, provided interesting light and shadow play, but also hid joins and seams in the many 4’x8’ sections the booth packed down into. The client was awarded best booth again in 2019.