Pacific Coastal Cannabis Retail Store

The Ask

Fabricate custom millwork for two new cannabis retail stores. The design lent itself towards a more high end and bespoke customer experience, one which focused more on the artisanal aspects of the products. Both stores needed to match each other visually, but also had to meet regulatory requirements for servicing the product itself.

The Solution

Matte black and wood is a classic combination that provides a juxtaposing sense of modernity and craftsmanship. White oak cabinetry was contrasted with soft touch matte black laminate countertops and CNC matte black paneling. Inbuilt LED lighting into the glass door display units was used to really emphasize that the product itself was something to be admired. Regulatory asks such as locks and access panels became part of the design through matching matte black hardware, carefully hidden locks and slide out displays encased in glass.